Are Zillow’s losses an AI failure?

“But this is not what will happen, you better keep that very present”

  • “ Uh, What do you mean, is it about the estimated timeline? ”
  • “ Nah, the timeline is reasonable. ”
  • “ So, is it about the budget, is anyone here using mistaken numbers or, worse, deceiving info? ”
  • “ Nope, everyone is probably reporting according to their beliefs ” I still was not getting it.
  • “ But this will just not happen. It never does. You are not planning buying a yogurt in the corner shop. In two years anything can and will happen. The companies, the laws, the project scope, hidden constraints… it’s all dynamic. Your plan is an incomplete draft. ”

You need a better draft with an additional layer, your layer. And then you will have a compass and nothing more…

  • … a compass to locate North this next 2 years. It might seem a compass is not much but there’s no more you can aim to at this scale. It will put you ahead of most”.

We shouldn’t call a “Machine Learning failure” what is a risk management failure.




Architect & Data Scientist

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Miguel Perez Michaus

Miguel Perez Michaus

Architect & Data Scientist

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